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Pharmacist In Charge

Perform the following Job duties:

  • Dispense medications, following prescriptions issued by medical practitioners.
  • Perform prospective Drug Utilization Review on new and refilled prescriptions for allergies, medication adherence, drug interactions and therapeutic duplication for safe and effective medication administration.
  • Recommend and document treatment modification after consulting physicians.
  • Counsel patients on their medication and therapeutic outcomes for their overall health.
  • Compound non-sterile customized medication preparation of ointments and creams as per physician’s instructions.
  • Ensure proper precautions and security measures while handling controlled medications by complying with federal and state regulations.
  • Prepare Unit Dose packaging for Hospice Patients.
  • Prepare multi-dose packaging in medicine on-time calendar cards for long-term patients.
  • Obtain clarification from Physicians regarding medication dosage, frequency of administration and medication formulations.
  • Perform medication transfers and input of new medications orders.
  • Verify medication schedules and monitor for drug interactions and allergies.
  • Bachelor's Degree required in Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Science or Pharmaceutical Management or Chemistry

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